Thursday, November 8, 2007

Critical Updates Available! (click here to download)

Yeah...just kidding about the downloading. But no joke about the critical update!!

When you write me letters using the Pouch system, you MUST adhere to these guidelines:
You can only send
Letters and documents
Paper copies of photographs (classified as documents)
International Reply Coupons (purchased at the post office, may be sent and then exchanged for stamps)

Also, starting just recently, you must use only a single sheet of paper, written on one side, then that must be folded into thirds and the address written on the blank side. You can have one piece of tape holding the top end shut.

I recommend writing me following the one sheet guideline above, and if you have personal things or pictures or anything else to send, try an envelope, and I'll inform you if it got through. If not, I will have to give you my actual address there, and you'll have to dump the extra postage, but you will rest assured that it gets to me. Otherwise, the Pouch address for me (after I leave the MTC) is:

Elder Jordan Argyle
Baltic Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

You can send the Provo Utah MTC address (to be provided in the near future) until about March (I would guess...exact date will be sent later with the address). Baltic Mission from then on. I will send my actual address through after I get to Latvia, so that real letters can be sent by those who wish to send me full letters. Everyone else, drop me a line via pouch.

A final option (sorry about this, folks. New topic coming soon, I promise) is to use . This website is a startup from a couple BYU students, and makes sending by Pouch easier. You don't have to actually soil your hands with real letter-writing equipment (which will be good for those of you who live much of your lives on a computer--you know who you are). You just type me a letter, send it with a click of a form button, and they take care of all the Pouch stuff for you.

K. Done with letter stuff. Here comes the promised new topic:
I am entering my final stages of preparation prior to leaving. I have acquired suits, shoes, shirts, and all the writing sticks I'll need while I'm gone. I'm looking for questions to ask the return missionary couple that I can contact. I have thought of nothing new to ask since last time, so if any  of you have questions, let me know. I am also, at this point, rushing to get everything else ready, so I haven't any new information to report. Sorry about that. I will do better next time!

Elder Argyle
( >__< )
^^ ~~ ^^

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