Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just a Few Quotes to Think About

I found a few quotes that make you think a little bit. Here they are:

1) Sir Ambrose Flemming, in his Origin of Mankind, wrote: "The ultimate cause of things and events is a self-conscious and personal living Being. . . . Life can only proceed from already living matter. It cannot be derived spontaneously from non-living matter. We can obtain energy only from some source or body already possessing it. It cannot arise spontaneously from nothing. . . . Accordingly we can infer that the Cause which gave rise to our self-consciousness and powers of thought, must have been itself self-conscious and intelligent, or a Thinker. Hence we may infer that the thought of the Intelligent First Cause was not identical with ours, and therefore this separateness constitutes that First Cause a Person."

2) Dr. Compton, writing for This Week magazine, said:
"Few scientific men today defend the atheistic attitude. Design in the Universe presumes an intelligence. Evidence points to a Beginner, a Creator of the Universe. A physicist's studies lead him to believe this Creator to be an Intelligent Being. The intelligent God has an interest in and relation to man, and it is reasonable to assume that He would be interested in creating a being intelligent like himself."

[One thing that bothers me greatly is people's seeming inability to look at religious topics as they do other topics. The same principles of hard work, studying, trial and proof, gradual development, and relationships exist in religion as in real life: if we don't study or try in school, we fail school; if we don't study and apply the scriptures and our own impressions from the Lord, we will not develop in this life as we wanted to. If we try something in science, we can see if it works or not. If we try something in religion, we also have a concrete response from the Lord--the response, however, is different for different people, but some sort of response is sure if that is a true principle being applied. We don't learn martial arts or to paint or play guitar in a day, week, or even a few months. We learn a little at a time, and we will not understand more complex things until we get the basics. Same in religion. We cannot expect our parents to give us anything anytime we ask, and shelter us from anything bad that is going to happen to us. Especially if we do not talk to them regularly, and have a good relationship with them. Same with our Heavenly Father (God). If we only pray when we "need help", and wait for immediate answers, we are terribly misjudging God's nature, and our expectations will not be met. I feel it important to look at religion more like other subjects. Truth is, after all, stronger than fact. Gospel truths are laws that govern all natural laws we discover. Science enhances my understand of religion, and vice versa.]
3) Albert Einstein, in his book The World as I See It, says on pages 267-68: "The harmony of natural law reveals an Intelligence of such superiority that compared with it, all the scientific thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection."

All the above quoted from Elder Mark E. Petersen, [LDS Church General] Conference Report [in the Ensign magazine], October 1968, General Priesthood Meeting, p.100.
Elder Argyle
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