Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9: Baltic Chŗonīcļe: Summer's Here, tongues

All: 92.37KM (115,456 steps).
Oddest thing I ate? "Chinese" at the Fontaine Delisnaks place (where we usually get burgers). Not so good, actually. It had corn(?), peas (?!), and misc other veggies in it. Conclusion: not Chinese.

Yeah. so, there was the Fontaine Festival here (that's 43 bands from some 8 or so countries playing for three days -- July 3,4,5), which attracted a good number of people. There was a rally here. Yes, a car rally. It shows up every year. Well, we didn't realize the tram and buses would all be down, so we had to reschedule some meetings, as there was really no way to get across the river. Summer here also means tourists. Lots of them. So, when I'm out on the street, it's hard to find natives to talk to. We have talked to people from: Germany, Finland, England, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Israel, the USA, somewhere in the middle east, and a random Asian from an unspecified location. It's been a little crazy!

Summer also means random, hard rain showers, so I have seen that on and off for the past while. That also means massive humidity, which is less than comfortable. Oh, and there are beach parties here. There's the big "Baltic Beach Party" that comes once a year and fills Liepāja with people for two days. U., who worked at the last one, said the line for his workplace (Čili Pica) had a line that stretched about two blocks from opening time until past midnight. And that's expected to be even more busy at his new workplace this year! You can't even get onto the beach when this party hits (so I'm told). It'll be in two weeks, so I'll let you know after it hits. Final fun notes: randomly, our water or electricity will turn off, only to be on again in a few hours or by the days end. Ah, good ol' Commie engineering.

Yes. Our meetings. We have J., who will only meet with us in the park. He is very cool, a computer programmer, and speaks very good English. He also accepted a baptismal date, and has been meeting with us for the past while. We don't know when he is free (he works a lot and is looking for a job that actually has something to do with his specialty), but things have been going well.
A. and G. have had phone problems, so we can't call to set up meetings with them (they can't hear us when we call), so we just have to try a shoot-and-miss by randomly visiting them. Keep in mind, it's about 30 minutes by mikriņš or by bus (it's in Karosta), so we can't go out there overly often.
A. and I. have been doing all right. He is still pretty closed to our message, but fairly willing to keep meeting. We'll see what happens.
A. is a new man. We helped him move out of his place by where we live, and then he met with us in his new place in Karosta. Our first meeting was good--he told us his conversion story. Fortunately, it was a correct kind of conversion: one to the Lord. Not to a church. So, I do believe that he will accept Christ's church in the furthering of his conversion to Christ. I actually felt the spirit very strongly in our first and second meetings. The second one was interesting. After, while he was saying the closing prayer, he began to shout his prayer, and even broke into "tongues" during it. I have heard people pray in "tongues" before. I have never felt the spirit before when they have done it, and that has lead me to believe that isn't how the gift of tongues works. Especially because I have been working on that gift my whole mission, and have seen a great deal of fruition from it. But, this time, I did feel the spirit. That leads me to believe this man is very sincere, and has been lead to believe that's the way prayer should work, so he does it that way. He is honest and sincere, and I think all will be well.

That, I believe, is it for this week. I know God lives and that he loves us all. He wants to reach out to us (if you ever doubt, read Luke 15, especially the parable about the Prodigal Son, and remember that the Father is our Heavenly Father, and the wayward son is each of us. Note how He meets His son, and what He does for him). Viss. Es jūs milu.

Elder Argyle
( >/°¥< )

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