Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Apr 2: Quick addition

Grandpa and Grandma Argyle, your newsletters are reaching me. When I found my box, they were taking two weeks apiece. Rachel, thank you for your letter. Everyone else, I am now down to getting all mail at Zone conferences (held every six weeks). There will be one in one or two weeks, and then again six weeks after that. So, anything sent from now on will be delayed until zone conferences. Do not, however, let this discourage you from writing...I would not object to large quantities of mail every six weeks...And Kiersty, thank you for the note as well. For everybody's info, still will get to me. They will print it, and send it through pouch. It will take the same amount of time.
Oh, yes, one more thing. I was on exchanges (meaning I was with another Elder) Friday in Riga as well. I found me a scale. And I've lost a little bit more than 10KG (that's almost 23 pounds) in the 5 weeks I've been here. Just a quick FYI for y'all!
(Once again, his regular mailing address for letters in envelopes and any packages is:
Elder Jordan Argyle
Baltic Mission
Melnsila 3-1
LV 1046 Riga
Please NEVER NEVER insure anything you send to him as per his mission president's instructions. Thanks!)
Elder Argyle
( >/°¥< )

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