Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aug 19: Baltic Chŗonīcļe: The Curse is Transfered, New Comps, and All the Rest

All: 61.86 KM (that's 79,334 steps!).

Pictures: The first one is a shot of the river that flows through Riga. The water is not clean, but very still. I don't think you'll be getting many more pictures like this...explanation forthcoming.
The second picture will be explained shortly.

It's been a short week. You may notice by the date this is sent that I'm writing a day early: we have zone conference tomorrow. So, preparation day was moved to today! I guess I didn't do so well getting the news out, because my inbox was totally empty today when I logged on. Sorry about that, y'all! So, the heading--"curse." Elder Bodily had a curse. Bad things seemed to hunt him out, and misfortunes fell his way for no good reason. It seems in choosing him as my role model for missionary work, I have now found myself obtaining that same curse. Behold! Last week, my companion was yanked from me. Why? Who knows. But, I am again in a tripanionship with Elders Gray and Palmer (E. Gray was E. Payne's companion a while back). E. Palmer served the first three months of his mission in Jelgava, but it would appear that everything about Jelgava and the work there is different from when I was there. On a side note, they now have another companionship in there--a Russian one. I can't wait to see how the work grows! But, getting on with here. I was just beginning to get along with Elder Black, and just figuring out how to work with him, when suddenly--SNAG!--he's gone. The "theft" was Saturday, after two really good meetings with excellent investigators. So, I moved in with the other two Latvian-speaking Elders here in Imanta. And...it's been interesting. It's been tough. I think in two weeks, it'll be better again.

But, the reason you will not be getting scenery shots is one of my companions thinks it's very wrong to take any pictures at all when it's not preparation day (and maybe even then...we'll see). I make sure my photography doesn't detract from the work--I only take shots when people to talk to aren't around, and when it won't hold up the work. But, because it's really important to him, and really throws him off if I take any, I won't be getting any shots like that this transfer. But, the second pic attached is of my two new companions--Palmer in the back with the knife, and Gray being the other one. We were enjoying an ice cream treat that night. Mmm...it was good. Believe me--ice cream here is succulent. They have this ice cream called "Totally." Following that word is a color, like brown, red, yellow, whatever. They take all the tasty things of that color, and put them together. They are...amazing. Well, the Totally Brown is amazing. The Yellow...not so amazing. But...when I try them all, I'll let you know.

So, about the rest: We attended young Jakob Sekan's baptism yesterday. The Senkani are the family that brought the church into the Baltics. At least, into Latvia. They are the Seventies that preside here (one of them is the Area Authority Seventy, I should say)(this is a leadership calling in the church), and another the district president. They are a powerful force here. The baptism was fun to see, as well. I always like seeing baptisms. I got some pictures of the font that we have here, but none of anything having to do with the baptism besides (sorry about that). And...let's see...Elder Black and I had some good investigators. They are now Grey, Palmer, and my investigators, but I don't know all of their investigators, so this week I'll keep them separated. Starting with mine:

G. and M. - This is that couple from last week. They are still moving. He's been willing to re-read the Book of Mormon with us, so we can help him see the truth he didn't feel last time he read it. Or didn't recognize the feeling. I think it's more of the latter. His girlfriend is quite open, and just enjoys listening to us.
D. - This guy is rather cynical up front, but I can see that he's thinking about it underneath after we push through his rough exterior. We meet with him today, and we'll see if we keep teaching him or no.
A. - This is a very interesting fellow. We don't know if he's mentally handicapped or not. We need a few more meetings to know that. He, on the other hand, is keeping all commitments thusfar, and is very willing to read more from anything we have!
K. - Loves to play chess, and trounced me first run. He's been an investigator for a while. He can't drop smoking. So, we're not forcing him, but we keep teaching him the doctrine. It's slowly making sense to him, and his desire to change is increasing.
A. - This kid is young, and hasn't thought much about God. He doesn't believe in Him or not, right now. He's way nice, and sincerely willing to think about what we talk about, and pray about it.
S. - He is a younger kid, and from the other part of my current tripanionship. I don't know much about him other than he likes to play soccer.
O. - Know nothing about him at all.
So, yeah. Lots of people. Please pray for all of them, OK? I'm pretty sure that's everything, so I will catch you next week!
Elder Argyle
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