Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6: Baltic Chŗonīcļe:

From: Jordan Argyle
Date: Wed, May 6, 2009 at 4:31 AM
Subject: May 6: Baltic Chŗonīcļe:

All: So, I failed to state my distance from last week. Here's last and this together in one:
192,437 steps (150.10 KM).

This week's big news: I'm going to Liepāja tomorrow!!! Since I'm a DL (District Leader) for the district in Rīga Center, I'm going to get some training from my ZL (Zone Leader), and both of my ZLs are in Liepāja right now. So, I'll be with Elder Brown tomorrow in Manā Sapņu Pilsetiņā. I'm rather stoked.
By way of clarification, that kid was not playing the oboe and the piano simultaneously. He was playing one, and then later the other.

Pictures: Top: was a holiday this weekend. As such, there were flags everywhere. I don't know how well you can see this (I couldn't get into a very good position for photographing, and without a tripod, this is the best I could get), but the flags go down the street in a straight line. It's a rather impressive sight.
Next: Speaking of impressive sights--we were on our way home last week, and we ran into this gorgeous sunset! So, I nabbed it. Those tall lights silhouetted there are the lights for Daugavas Stadions, the football stadium here in Rīga. The bridge is the bridge that leads to our house.
Third: So, two weeks ago, everything was dead and twiggy. Now, everything is lush and green. Weird, huh? It hasn't even rained, yet. Once it does, though, green will explode all over the place! This is the park not too far from our place.
Last: Finally, our district photo. It was cinco de mayo yesterday, so we celebrated with nachos, tacos, and such. Helvijs also attended, and it was a lot of fun! He's the one taking to picture. From left to right:
Me, Sis. Wilson, Elders Long, Thompson, Sis. Hermann (a recently new addition to Latvia), and Elder Palmer. Man, we rock.

Helvijs is doing well. He "escaped" from the hospital last week, on Thursday afternoon. He's very chill about his newly discovered condition. Sister Wilson was even able to give him his shot before eating tacos and such.
E. Thompson is from Cokeville, Wyoming, not very far from Idaho's border. He's actually quite famous--his name's on a plaque and everything. He got scholarships for his mad football skills. And he's a wrestler, and a runner, and in the band, and...he's multi-talented.
The Buffet was good. It actually was an all you can eat. And the food was amazing! They didn't have anything random or odd--just WAY good! It good. I love it! I want to return!
Knocking was absurd. As already mentioned, it was a holiday. Latvians are weird about their holidays. They all go out to the country. So, we only knocked into Russians. Well, almost exclusively Russians. So it was a slow week.
Most interesting person is probably a random drunk. We were heading out to go talk to people on the street, and a drunk pivots and starts to talk to us. He was...rather wasted. He's also a church member! Oh, good--a member who doesn't follow his faith. Kinda normal for here. But we didn't talk to him too long because he was drunk. He also showed up to our English class, and yelled out stuff during our spiritual thought (although most of what he said was actually decently good). Random.
Oh, M. is a guy from English class. He's...odd. In testimony meeting last week, he stands up and starts preaching about how he's come to find God--he has a device that points to things. It consists of a tube and an antenna. If you put gold in the tube, it will only point to gold. Put in any other metal--it only points to that metal. But he says that he uses it to find spirit energy, and that this tool is capable of telling the difference between good and bad spirits. And so he talks about that for 10 minutes during our testimony meeting. The best part was that after, our investigator, N., was talking to us and said, "That was great...for a physics class. That kind of stuff isn't for church." He get's it. And N. is such an amazing guy! Then, after that, E., the sister's investigator (a referral from a member) stands to bear her testimony. It was unbelievably powerful, sincere, and amazing! I was taken aback! She is soooo amazing!!

Speaking of amazing, the Jehovah's Witnesses are really good at missionary work. We were on a bus, and a guy gets on and sits down, and the old lady who was already sitting on the seat next to him opens her purse and pulls out some pamphets, and tells him something in Russian. She then stood up, and got off at the next stop. It was that simple. Wow! If only everyone shared their beliefs like that--there'd be so many less misunderstandings!

Speaking of--there's an amazing church member. Elīna, who is less active. She and her sister got baptized about the same time. They both then went inactive, and moved on with exploring all the things life offers. Now, Elīna hungers for the more to life she had access to, but didn't utilize (she was 12 years old, though...I didn't utilize it so well then, either). She is now meeting with the sisters, hanging out with Helvijs and other amazing church members. Her sister, however, is not fixing to come back. Her main attainojums (justification(?)), is that the missionary who taught her is off the path. They are friends on Facebook, and this former missionary has pictures up on Facebook of herself getting drunk and partying. And so Elīna's sister told the sister missionaries, "If she does it, why can't I?" Don't forget, people, that the good (or bad) influence you have is far reaching. If you hurt yourself with riotous living, you will also hurt those you have touched or who were close to you. Don't ever think your actions only affect you. That's a teaching of the devil. Stay true to what you know is good, and don't experiment in what is unsavory--it will tear you down.

And one more random thing: The Lutheran church here in Latvia wants to unify with the Catholic church. I think it has something to do with gay marriages. They WILL NOT allow gay marriages here. That's one abomination that Latvia has stayed away from. I just thought it was interesting. Since the whole reason there is a Lutheran church was to get away from the Catholics. Odd, huh?

I love you all. I know that this church is true! Gotta run! Keep reading and praying! And Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers!! Thanks to all of you who've helped me out in my life!
Elder Argyle
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