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June 17: Baltic Chŗonīcļe: Father's Day, Liepāja, DMV, Moving, Lessons

From: Jordan Argyle
Subject: June 17: Baltic Chŗonīcļe: Father's day, Liepāja, DMV, Moving, Lessons
All: Happy Father's Day to all those Father-types out there!
From that, we'll look at the 99,141 steps/77.32KM for a second...OK. Done. Moving on.

Meals: Thurs 11 June: Bistro Stuff (pancakes and stuff)
Fri 12 June: Teriyaki Chicken (minus the chicken, plus lots of peppers).
Sat 13 June: Delectable Veggie Wraps (with beans and whatnot)
Sun 14 June: Potato things (like funeral potatoes, but failed) and Udi soup
Mon 15 June: "Ultra Veggie Pizza"
Tues 16 June: Veggie Madness (picture).
Kinda a boring food week.

Pictures: Top: That's Veggie Madness. It was like a salad with all that we had left over.
Middle: I went to Liepāja again this week on exchanges. We went knocking while I was there, and saw several people that I haven't seen in a really long time, who I really love. It was wonderful! These are the windmills just outside of Liepāja. That's when you know that you're getting close to the city.
Last: This is the Pravaslov church in Jelgava. It looked really pretty that day, so I nabbed a pic. There are also a lot of nuns there, which is interesting because a Lutheran or Catholic (the buildings look the same to me) church is right across the street, with their own nuns. We decided they should have volleyball competitions between the nuns in the laukums (field)right by the churches.

So, here's some stuff about the week. My comp is from Washington. Trivia: He used a mass spectrometer in a project investigating the effects of trace minerals in salmon. We had a family home evening for the branch here. Well, it was a branch home evening (Draudzes Majvakars (DMV)), but whatever. It was really fun! We have one investigator who came. He's from English class. After, he told us that was the most fun he's had without alcohol. I was excited, because he thinks it'll be hard to drop that nasty beverage called beer. There were actually more people at DMV than there were at church, just because people brought most or all of their families. I was really excited by that!

We are moving apartments. The new one is closer to the church, and about twice as big. The lady who is renting it to us was really desperate to rent it out, and bought us 1000 lats of furniture and will finish sewing curtains for our windows today. The place is really pink. Huge, awesome, and pink. It just doesn't have a fridge right now. That will come later. I'll have pictures of it next week.

The Baptist preacher has his wife with him here. We have not seen him any more, but he's way cool. He actually was a cop for a while, then things just started happening that led him to think that he might be able to serve a mission. So, he visited other congregations, and they felt that he should too, and he's been here since! Of course, there's more to the story than that, but I'll call it good there (since this keyboard doesn't type so well, and I can't focus at all).

For a spiritual thought: We taught a theologian yesterday. He was really nice, and had some good questions. We'll be seeing him again. But one thing he said was very interesting to me, and I totally agree: spiritual knowledge, if not enforced with the Spirit, does you no good. Just studying without applying is like watching somebody drive, but never getting in a car yourself. You understand how to turn and shift and whatever, but you never actually go anywhere. I would invite you all do take an extra step in applying what you know. Take a look-see at this talk from our last general conference: The Way of the Disciple, by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. He is in the first presidency of the church, and is an apostle. It's a good talk, and he encurages us to go from where we are right now and move forward! Do it!

Love you all!
Elder Argyle
( >/°¥< )

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