Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oops, a P.S.

From: Jordan Argyle
Date: 2009/6/11
Subject: Oops. a P.S.

So...There are 9 missionaries leaving this transfer (in about 5 weeks). They represent a large part of my mission. It's way weird to see them go. Here they are:
Latvian speaking missionaries:
Sister Hagen (WAAA! From the MTC with me. All my sisters will be gone after this)
Elder Thompson (Yep, my last companion. Weird)
Elder Payne (my comp from Liepāja)
Elder Ence (who was assistant to the president forever)
So, that's four of the 21 Latvians who are leaving. Then, some Russian speaking:
Sister Reed (she was a great source of inspiration to me when I was in Imanta, because every single time she'd get on a bus, she'd sit next to some young lady and just start talking with her. That's so hard for me, and she made it look so natural)
Elder Weston (was in Center with Patterson for a while. He's so funny!)
Elders Barker, Hansen, Brimley (these I didn't know so well. Sorry, guys. They'd been in areas with me and I know their faces, but I don't know them SUPER well)

So, it's way weird to me that they're all going to be gone. On the same note of death things (we call it "death" when missionaries go home), I got fleas. For the first time on my mission. Elder Brown is back in Rīga center (he came out with me, and has only been out of Rīga one transfer, and then he was in Liepāja), and I'm basically just kinda weirded out by all that right now. So that's it for now...


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