Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oct 1: Baltic Chronicle: Transfers

From: Jordan Argyle
Date: Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 8:04 AM
Subject: Oct 1: Baltic Chronicle: Transfers

All: 122,722 steps (95.72KM) this week.

First: OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! When did that happen?!

Second: Here's the news. I got transferred. I had to leave my beautiful Jelgava. It's not my favorite thing in the world—I have been spending a lot of time planning for the new church, getting visiting teaching together, and there has been a lot of progress with our investigators. I'd like to tell you about that:

I.: This is that cop who lives in Satiksmes. We have been praying very hard (because it's been a while since we have been able to teach her) that she'll be open and receptive to the Spirit. We prayed that we could talk to her about baptism, and we had planned to discuss the plan of salvation to lead into it. She told us that she read from the Book of Mormon, even though it's physically hard for her. She works at a computer for 12 hours or so a day, and the eyestrain makes it hard for her to read anything after work. But she read. And she told us she has some questions. She asked, "What is a prophet, and what is this gospel that they keep talking about?" The Holy Ghost whispered to me that this is the answer to our prayer. We then taught her about prophets, the priesthood authority that prophets hold, and that they are called of God. They are taught the gospel, and given the authority to invoke the powers of heaven itself to officiate in the ordinances of the Gospel. The Gospel, or way of life, of Jesus Christ starts with faith. That leads to repentance, or changing self. And the first fruits of repentance is baptism—a covenant with the Lord God, formed though an ordinance officiated by one who is authorized by God Himself to follow Him. And done in this way, God promises the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, and a rebirth in Him. Which led to an invitation for her to enter this covenant by restored priesthood authority, being baptized on 31. October. It was the most amazing lesson for a long time, and I felt like I was flying.

V.: The body-builder cop. He was not enshrouded by evil this time when we visited. And, even though he hasn't the means to even provide for the essentials of life, he felt the spirit and received peace and comfort. We taught the plan of salvation. I mentioned that there was a large council in heaven, and that all the noble and great were there. He said, "I doubt I was there." After a little discussion that I will not relate here with so public an audience, I will say that he now is seriously considering whether or not he was there. (He was. We all were.) It was our best lesson with him, and the most spiritually charged.

We also had many new people, including several families and new people in English class. It was, overall, the most satisfying week of Elder Johnson and my service together.

Church has also been amazing. We have made great headway with various members, and with visiting teaching and unity activities and such, the overall attitude is vastly improved. Also, some members who have had a very rotten attitude recently have improved their views, both on life and on their relationship with God. We also had several amazing lessons, many miracles throughout the week.

I now return to my first statement. I was transferred from Jelgava. I'm returning back to Rīga center. So, on the one hand, I'm returning home. Almost all of my most dearly beloved friends are here in Rīga. On the other hand, I'm leaving home to go there—I have grown to love my Jelgaviņa. But, we'll see how things go. Oh, and I'm now the zone leader companionship. Me and E. Long are Latvia's zone leaders. That's weird.

I would even say more, but I haven't much time. I'll give you a week's update I'm sitting at E. Carson's place using his laptop. He's the group leader now in Jelgava. And he does an amazing job of it.

I'll write more later. Hopefully tomorrow. Bye!

Elder Argyle
( >/°¥< )

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