Friday, October 2, 2009

Oct 2: Well, my letter

From: Jordan Argyle
Date: Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 2:55 AM
Subject: Well, my letter

Once again, I have a new apartment. Itš way nice, except for the leaky pipe in the roof that occasionally causes water to go all over our kitchen.

Fam: I love you, but cannot really write to you in two minutes! Have a great week!!!

All: I haven't very long again. And I don't know how writing next week will work out, because I have zone leaders training that day, and it takes all day, so I doubt you'ŗe going to really get many details from that...

Quickly, this last week was filled with miracles! I was absolutely amazed by what happened in Jelgava this last week!!! And several things and realizations happened. Here they are:

It got really cold, really fast. Two weeks ago, we were walking home at 20:something (8 p.m.-ish) in shirtsleeves with no problems. Then, basically overnight, it got to long sleeve and the next day was suit jacket weather. And now it's definitely coat weather. Interesting how fast that all changed...

And I feel really weird. Packing, I did what I call a "full pack." That's where you unpack everything, look it all over, and then repack it. I wound up tossing a lot of stuff. It's amazing to me how many things that used to be important to me aren't really anymore. When I talked about changing so much, thatš one of the things that has really changed. I also am a lot more capable of talking with people, and much more outgoing. I also value things that are of worth more than I used to (like family, church, and the like). I'm skinnier, and life's goals have been refined. And other stuff, but not the point of today's letter.

So, now I'm back home. In Riga. Well, my other home. I spent some time talking with members yesterday, and I'm euphoric to be able to work with these amazing people again!! And I basically can't wait for next week--that's general conference!! For all of you out there, you'll get to watch that this week, but we won't get it until late in the night and early in the morning, so we just wait until next week and watch the recorded version at a regular time.

Q+A: Cops here have crazy hours, and the government just sliced their pay itš not the best of situations.

I'm no fan of time at all. It just never stops running. Itš already October, and itš already time for me to stop writing. Have a good week, j'all!

I love you all! Hopefully one of these days, I'll be able to write something more! Next week is Zone Conference, and after that, I'm planning on going to Sigulda again (now that it's way prettier than last year when I went). I'm at the library--that's why there's no pictures. Have a great week!

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