Monday, December 21, 2009

Baltic missionaries heading home

This is Elder Argyle's mom writing. I don't know if he will add any more to this blog or not "), but I thought I'd write about the final chapter of his mission. This picture is of all the missionaries in the Baltic mission who were scheduled to travel home on December 19. The mission president and his wife are also in the picture "), along with a senior couple who were going home. ANYWAY, they had quite the adventure. They made it to Frankfurt, Germany, and then missed their connecting flight to Chicago. We got a call from the Salt Lake mission travel office telling us about the missed flight and letting us know that the missionaries were in a hotel and they (Salt Lake) were working on alternate plans.
The missionaries spent a day and a half in Frankfurt. They found the temple there and were able to attend a session. They were put on a flight to Dublin Ireland on Sunday morning, and from there flew to Chicago. Elder Argyle then traveled on by himself. His flight from Chicago to Salt Lake was delayed, and his connecting flight from Salt Lake to Idaho Falls was on time. So we were sitting at our computer all evening, trying to somehow push the Chicago flight to go faster so he would make the connecting flight home "). We knew it would be too close for comfort. After a nail-biting couple of hours, an airport person finally confirmed that he WAS on the flight to Idaho Falls, so we ran to the airport and put up our signs and balloons and cheered when he got off the plane. ")
He just came in and saw what I was doing--he said he WILL be adding the last week of his mission to the blog, so I'll stop here--I just wanted to tell you that he's home safe and sound. He'll spend Christmas here and then head to college in January.
The merriest of Christmases to you all!

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